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Mobile Fitness Service in St. Louis

At Strive 2 Fitness (S2F), we offer professional personal training and meal plan services to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our workout plans include detailed workout programs, yoga classes, group sessions, and track workouts through our app. Our meal plans include customized plans for different dietary needs and recipes for up to a family of four dinners.

Service Overview

Workout Plan Inclusions

At Strive 2 Fitness, we provide comprehensive workout plans tailored to your fitness goals. Our workout plans include the following:

Workout Plan Inclusions

  • Detailed Workout Programs per Week

  • Aerobic Exercise

  • Strength Training

  • Core Workout

  • Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Yoga Training Classes

  • Group Workout Session

  • HITT Aerobic Class

  • CrossFit

  • Zumba Class

  • Double Dutch Jump Rope Class

  • Track Workouts Through Our App

  • One-on-One Life Coaching 

  • Tai chi classes

  • Elderly chair yoga and balance and fall prevention classes

Meal Plan Inclusions

  • Detailed meal plans mapping out every meal and snack

  • Grocery lists and recipes are provided for up to a family of four dinner

  • Customized plans include gluten-free, vegetarian, and Paleo diets, among others

  • Meal Plan recipes

At Strive 2 Fitness (S2F), We specialize in providing professional personal training services to help you achieve the body you have always wanted. Additionally, We conduct yoga classes to help improve your flexibility, posture, and breathing. We're MOBILE trainers that will travel in the reign of Saint Louis City and County.

Are you looking to increase mobility or strength? We can train you with a combination of weightlifting, high-intensity aerobic exercise, CrossFit, and bodyweight workouts. We will make sure that your form is correct throughout every workout. Count on me to push you from beginner to experienced level.

Additionally, we offer life mentoring and counseling programs online. Free consultations are offered before you sign up for a complete session. For more information, please contact us today!




“Take a minute right now and have an honest look at yourself in the mirror. Really look deep down and realize you do not want this to continue. You want to be a better YOU! Your health and happiness are much more important than overeating and/or eating all the wrong things. Crappy food might look good, but in reality, it does not taste the same after a while. You need something to get you back on track.

“When I joined Strive 2 Fitness 2 years ago, I had low self-esteem and very little confidence that I could be successful at a gym. Once I joined and got involved in a fitness routine, I discovered how to make it a priority and it became my biggest stress reliever. I started looking forward to coming, made a lot of friends, and eventually, S2F became an extended family. I am so thankful.”

- Mike Cali

Gym Service
Gym Service
Personal training

Strive 2 Fitness is fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS). LLS is the world's largest voluntary health organization, that dedicated to fund in researching and finding cures. Ensuring access to treatments for blood cancer patients. 10% of your Strive 2 Fitness purchase will be donated to LLS.

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